Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ok I have precisely 40 minutes to make this card and get it posted!!
The card actually only took minutes to make "Looks Like it" .... I know..... but it is meant to be exactly what it is (does that make sense?)......when I first started my blog my main aim was to prove that cards didn't have to cost lots to make, no special products needed to be bought, it didn't need to be made in the mould of established techniques, or taken up as a hobby, the most important ingredient was taking the time to make something unique for someone else.

As I hopped around yesterday I came upon the "One Layer Wednesday" at Simplicity.... a truly amazing blog...and just as amazing was her challenge to use inspiration from a Pinterest Site and wow what inspiration, I spent ages looking at all the fabulous things (I have always collected pictures, quotes etc to inspire me but here was a great new world to browse...head was spinning with ideas). It was when I was looking around Marta's quotes we received a phone call to say a relatives long awaited operation had been cancelled.....again.

It then occurred to me as I was looking at the site that I was so busy making cards for my blog (and if I'm truly honest ...to impress other cardmakers) I was forgetting sometimes the card is just about the sentiment.

So Malc this is for you......need I say more!

Now I am going to stick my neck out and be brave and enter the challenge as I am truly grateful for the inspiration.
One of the quotes looked handwritten and was washed with colour (out came the trusty felt-tip pens for my watercolouring). I even took inspiration from Marta's blog header and made a mini card from the stack of memo cards I keep on my desk.

My card is not in the league of the incredible crafted examples that have been created for this challenge. So many people have now turned card making into a true art form, which I so admire, but hopefully no-one will mind me waving my little flag from the "homemade" corner.


cardz said...

Very cool idea and I love the fact you used a memo card; it works perfectly.

Heather T

mustavcoffee said...

Hey there, in my humble opinion, your card is just as wonderful as all the rest. Not least for the sheer ingenuity, I love it and I hope Malc does too:0) xxx

Susan said...

Diane...your card is from the heart...and that's the most important thing. On top of that...THIS CARD is awesome!!! Sometimes I think we all get caught up in the need to "impress" other crafters, but to me the most important thing is to create a card with the recipient in mind...and that's exactly what you've done! Excellent card!!!

Jenny said...

I really admire your ethos Diane and I think it's WHY you create a card not HOW that matters most. I love the simplistic style and you are a great artist too x

Janelle said...

Stick your neck out anytime, Diane! Love your take on your inspiration pic, love your card. And, more importantly, I'm sure your relative will love and appreciate it, too. And that's what it's all about!

ThinkInk Creative said...

I agree with everything you said in your post EXCEPT about the quality of your card. In my opinion, it's a fantastic card. I love the use of memo cards...and why not?


Bea said...

what a great card - really innovative

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I love your style of writing and card making. You have excellent ideas and it makes for a really enjoyable visit. I'll be back :0)
Love this...perfect. Hope it cheered Malc up.

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