Tuesday, 22 March 2011

NOT....to plan!!

SOMETIMES I have a lovely clear idea in my head for a design.....SOMETIMES no matter my good intentions it just doesn't go to plan.

LESS IS MORE has a "masculine" theme this week.....great..sometime ago I scanned some denim fabric and it prints brilliantly and I have made quite a few successful cards (the blokes/teens seem to have liked them) with it.

With the CAS style in mind I thought my "white" space would be denim this week.....with a simple focal point of a circular sentiment with a couple of small mock rivets...........

First the printer ran out of ink.....ended up with some very pink hued denim (not great for blokes). Plus I couldn't find the sentiment I wanted...so had to quickly make a text box message....made that too big!

Cut and scored the card, hoping to lose the worst area of pink....was so busy thinking of a redesign I scored it completely in the wrong place and ended up with uneven sides .....ok.....best of bad job decided to attach a nice navy textured scrap of card that I had found to extend the front panel.

Decided to ink the message (disguise the pink) went too mad with the ink (getting flustered now ....should really leave it alone).....ok..... will distress and sand it to lighten...although not sure that these are great techniques for CAS, IN FACT....I can decidedly feel the CAS slipping away, really should leave it alone now and come back. No. I carried on and inked and distressed the base card.....getting carried away now!

Panel needed more detail so rounded up a couple of old drawing pins...they didn't match (distressed these with a file), bent the pins over (hammer...that actually felt good!!) and attached them through the card.

Design was still lacking...OK...... will do some jeans style stitching on the join....great... test piece went well....

The card........didn't!
......will now have to use an insert (will draught print the denim and make a matching insert later.....need ink first!)
The stitching was so wonky (hadn't been drinking honestly), I had no choice but to stick the message over the mess.
PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who can so completely get things wrong....my advice to myself, if I'm doing any of my cards is "when it's not working.....LEAVE IT ALONE!!! come back later"
Why did I not take my own advice?????


Jenny said...

Oh Diane you do make me laugh..in a funny story way that is :)
Despite all the hurdles you've still made a fab card, very blokey x
P.S I get days like that too!

Mandi said...

Oh bless Diane lol
My stuff goes wrong all the time!
It looks fab, thanks as always
"LEss is More"

Chrissie said...

Diane, I LOVED reading this. It almost sounds like a parody of what happens in lots of craftrooms throughout the world!
All I can say is well rescued, it looks great!
"Less is More"

Suze Bain said...

Oh Diane, despite being "one of those days" your card has turned out great! Love the drawing pins and scanning denim - what a fab idea. x

kingstonmama said...

Your post made me laugh, and you ended up with a great card despite your troubles. It has a nice denim look to it.

Kathyk said...

I think we ALL get days like that and at least you still have your sense of humour as well as a jolly nice card!!


Aileen said...

After all your trials and tribulations, you've made a fab card. I wouldn't have managed such a fantastic save! x

Shaz said...

Your story could be a best seller, lol. card turned out great. x

Susan said...

Sounds like the process some of my cards take! LOL! I think the card is a great guy card!

Sue said...


I thought it was just me!!! LOL. I have many days like this. I completely lose my mojo and everything goes wrong. Some days I give up (very wise!) but other days I carry on and it goes from bad to worse! Some days the creative juices are flowing, my stamping is going well. I have learnt to make the most of it and do as much stamping as I can on those days while the going is good LOL!!

I love the jeans effect - it came out fab in the end!

Hugs Sue xx

Sylvie said...

Wonderful card
Hug Sylvie x

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