Sunday, 31 January 2010


This is the valentine card I have made for my lovely hubbie, he hates soppy, cutesy images so it's quite hard sometimes to come up with something romantic, I thought this had quite an industrial look. It's made completely out of recycled packaging and card. The paper sticking out near the bottom is a recycled illustration from a damaged children's book. I used the image to inspire the doodles on the card. The key is from and old chest of drawers... I think!?! (we keep a pot with old keys, not sure why, they never fit anything!! but at least they're useful as embellishments). The wire is left over from a picture hanging kit. The message was printed on the computer.
I also used the dauber and inking technique described in the last posting. I will be entering the card in Claire's weekly Challenge at Do Crafts as it is based on her challenge sketch.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

DAUBERS AND INKING (No inkpad or special foam needed!)

I thought I would post some pictures of the daubers I use when I want to ink around the edges of cards, pictures and mats etc.(if you're new to card making a mat generally means a background card or paper that the focal point is mounted on). Daubers are also great for applying paint, particularly when stencilling.
To make a dauber you will need some fabric, I prefer cotton T shirt fabric as it is stretchy and can be pulled taught. Cut a square of fabric, then a second square which is folded into a tight ball. Place this in the centre of the first square, draw up all the corners and edges and fasten above the ball with an elastic band.

When inking and stencilling I normally work on a non-porous surface like a ceramic tile, plastic lid, acetate or a non-stick baking sheet/liner (my baking sheet came from a pound shop!). Instead of ink I use watebased felt pens. Scribble some of the ink onto the non-porous surface, wipe the dauber in the ink and apply to paper. (Try mixing and blending several colours)

Work in sweeping circular motions, starting off the paper gradually working on to it. (practice on some scrap paper first)

TIP- if you have any left over ink try spritzing the inky surface with water or wipe over with a wet wipe, then blot with a plain piece of paper. if you want the paper completley covered swipe over the paper with the inky baby wipe. This can be used as a matching backing papepr or saved for a future project.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Happy New Year

Ok a bit belated but heartfelt, I do hope this year is a special one for you. Last year ended on a real high for me as I was lucky enough to be chosen as Card Designer of the Year by Simply Cards and Papercrafts. I was totally astounded to get the news as I regularly follow other blogs and know how talented other Cardmakers are. I sometimes can't believe how beautiful some of the cards are and how some designers have turned cardmaking into a true art form. I know I don't quite measure up to some of these designers but possibly this year I was chosen not because I am better (I truly know I'm not) but simply a bit different!! Anyway I got a lot of lovely goodies as part of my prize and so in the near future I hope to offer some as blog candy.....when I have figured out the way to do it. I am still not particularly skillful at this blogging stuff.
Best Wishes to you all