Monday, 28 March 2011

Knew I kept them for a reason!

Well it's sketch time at LESS IS MORE....mmmm.....I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with sketches.....but I like a challenge.... and FAB N FUNKY have "a do it more than once" challenge (multiple folds on a card), so I decided to flip Mandi and Chrissie's sketch and add in some extra folds for a little something extra (also wanted to use up more scraps!!) I took a couple of 10cm wide strips of card scored a couple of flaps either end of the longer white strip and created a hinge on the black strip, leaving it long enough to tuck under the white flap on the right.

I then attached these together with photo glue (nice and repositionable).

The wonderful little image was from Meljen's designs which I found through Free Digital stamps. The image is perfect for my husbands Anniversary card (he's and electrician so particularly apt!)

Again I was faced with colouring an inkjet image without promarkers!?! chalks were too dull.... it was then I decided to go in for the kill......lurking in my gel pen draw were some flourescent gel pens inherited from my girls......I actually thought they were disgusting but as I never throw anything away......I felt sure they would come in useful for something......

....FINALLY their moment to shine (literally) has come....and incredibly they still worked (they are years old!!!) I did find that the printer ink could still be picked up with these but as they were a fine rollerball I could manage to colour in carefully without to much disaster. In fact I was impressed how well they flowed and blended, but to give it a finishing shine I covered it in clear nail varnish....three coats...had to do a third as I managed to stick my thumb print on the second (ooops, wasn't dry!).

I created the message in Word and highlighted the "light" word with the gel pen, Mandi (Less is More)has done a clever little tutorial on matching font colour to computer generated images, I really must have a go at this. It's so nice to have such helpful tips, it's fun joining in challenges but learning something new is a great bonus.

Now for the big question. there a crafting black hole/Bermuda triangle?

Last week I had to do a bit of batch card making, I am completely rubbish at tidying up as I go along, so gradually the desk disappears...and so does things that I I worked I lost my lovely metal handle Swann Morton knife, my Fiskars double ended embossing tool, my medium embossing tool and the new disposable Swann Morton knife I got out to replace the missing metal one! Now my lovely little craft room (was Gina's bedroom, so it's a special place for me), is not very big, so they cant have gone far,....... I surrendered and tidied everything back in it's place......STILL MISSING...this is nuts they have to be here.

Every week as I am nosing round blogs I see WOYWW where lovely crafters take a snap shot of their desks etc and show whats there.....

......well I have decided to start WOYCSF (What's on your craft space floor!!!!!!) because this, during my search, is what I found hiding..... and I didn't know they were missing

and you guessed knives or embossing tools ????????????!!!!!!!!!!

They are officially .......Looooooost ........innnnnnnnn........Spaaaaaaaaaaaace!?!


Jenny said...

Fab card Diane,cute little lightbulb image.
Shame I hoovered my craft room floor yesterday or I could have started WIMCFT " Where is my craftroom floor Tuesday"
I'm always losing tools especially my tweezers/forceps for some reason!!!!

ding said...

Not often I post a comment on my own blog but I HAVE TO APOLOGISE for the length of this post, I have edited it 10 million times and STILL I keep getting whopping great big gaps, hope you didn't lose thie will to on blogging would be most helpful please Mandi and Chrissie (or any kind body)x x x x
Diane x

Susan said...

I have trouble with my spacing in blogger sometimes too. I usually go to the Edit html box in the area where you compose the blogpost and remove the extra spaces there.

I frequently lose things in my craftroom too...I feel for you...but it'll show up.

Your card is so creative and unique! Excellent!

Mandi said...

Oh Diane I have a 'hole' liek that too lol
Lost my Stampmajig for months!
It did turn up so hopefully your things will too
[hope so]
Fab card, perfect for your hubby, so cute! [I do mean the card hehe]
Thanks for the shout out
"Less is More"

LuLu said...

WOW what a briliant card and it really fits in with our challenge this week. Many thanks for playing along with Fab'n'Funky Challenges.


Sharon said...

This is a fab, fun card! I love your image...x

Suze Bain said...

Love the style of this card and the fun image. x

Chrissie said...

This card is really clever... cute too! Love Mel's image.
Thanks so much for joining us!
"Less is More"

massofhair said...

Ding, go and download something called Windows Live Writer. You need to create an account on Windows Live and then download the application. It is very easy to set up and you will no longer have to put up with Blogger and the frustrations it brings. You don't need to log in to Blogger to post you can do it from your computer, check what it looks like before posting etc etc. You can Google this if you need more information or email me and i will try and help.

A perfect card on many levels and loving the digi stamp. Sure your OH will love your card:-)

Aileen said...

Loved reading your post! Great take on the sketch and very clever. x

massofhair said...

Thanks for following Diane and you now have a new follower too... Using Windows Live Writer will make your blogging so much easier, it's like using Word so not expecting your Blog to disappear lol...

Thanks for your lovely comment, much appreciated.

I like how you make cards and have found your Blog quite inspirational. I make cards for a charity close to my heart and have been asked to make cards for a lot more occasions. I agree CAS is the way to go and so glad that we are learning from the LIM Challenge site. Take care:-) x

Lynne said...

Such a fun card, love it.
Lynne xxx

Faith A said...

How did I miss this? It's truly inspirational, never seen anything like this, I am afraid I may have to "steal" your idea.

I absolutely love your card, such a great image and great for an electrician.

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