Thursday, 10 March 2016

P.H.D..........projects half done.....plural...

Recently I had to make a sympathy card....I know that maybe the colours I used aren't typically sympathy colours but as the family have deep faith I thought that a warm glow in the background would reflect the important message of the cross.

....and the card isn't totally frugal "just add glue" as I did use a bought rubber stamp, the rest was created with felt pen ink and my daubers.....but I did think it would be possible to create the card completely without bought items....
.........So I added it to my to do/try/finish pile and yesterday... I noticed City Crafter has a a PHD.....finish a project half done .......oh I could enter soooooo many times but as I was a bit stumped for Easter cards this year I wondered if I could adapt and actually finish my cross project. Less is more has a colour challenge of citrus and Hiding in my Craftoom is spring colours so I kept to the original colour palette of my sympathy card.
To create the cross I used a couple of pieces of thin corrugated card taped together, I cut a couple of different widths to recreate the shape. . .it did take a while to get the card inky enough and I did experiment with dragging the card to create a mistier effect not just stamping it for a cleaner effect, and as the brown in the pen set was a bit light I added some greens to darken it.
I quite liked all the effects but think I do prefer the stamped pieces.
The test pieces were just scraps, my chosen finished piece was actually one of the torn ones but I liked the effect and decided to copy the tearing on the opposite side.
I was quite happy with the finished image just mounted on Kraft card but thought perhaps for Easter it needed a bit more signs of life .....I doodled a little plant growing round the cross....again the pen wasn't a good colour so I used a little highlighter pen to brighten the leaves.
While the inks we're out I also needed to make my friends this is where I need some advice...originally this was completely on a white card blank....but as my friend has just started card making and is favouring a more decorative style, I was worried she might think I had not gone to a lot of trouble I chopped it off to layer on coloured card stock with some decorative mats and layers and embellishments.....but I got cold feet...I'm just not comfortable with lots on a card. So far I have just suspended it on some ribbon ...and added some some faux embossed stitching on the base card

oh and a little detail on the back....and stamped detail inside....

hidden sentiment under the giant tag
.....(I know there is a little sentiment on the front but am hoping this qualifies for Creative moments challenge).
Should I have layered it.?
Added bows, brads, lace and/or embellishments?
Put stitching round the panel/tag?
Use a corner rounder on the panel?
Heat Embossed the stamped image?????? 
Is it missing something......I have till Sunday to change it?
Would appreciate any opinions always nice to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it objectively ............and while I am at it I must say thank you to my two new followers who have joined me since I have been back..... I really appreciate everyone who pops by and takes the time to comment.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Testing... Testing.... Yuk

"As you like it" challenge blog asked for favourite occasion (hiding in my craftroom has any holiday) which is my excuse to have a play and create a card for my Mum. 
Mothering Sunday is one of my favourite card making occasions because I no longer have my mum with me so it's a lovely chance to spend some time making something for her and remembering what a truly amazing mum she was.
...and I decided again that this has to be a "just add glue" card. ....why oh why do I make it so difficult  for myself, particularly as Less is More wants to see wire.....I have a lovely tub of craft wire ...lots of pretty colours and useful jigs to shape it on.....but I hate to be defeated and I think all these challenges have to be do-able without buying anything extra.

I have a bit of an advantage as my husband is an electrician so he has lots of scrap cable which he can strip the insulation off to reveal lovely shiny trendy copper wire....problem number one .....he presented me with some rather thick wire .....didn't want to be ungrateful but really wasn't that easy to work with. Still with some borrowed pliers and cutters I managed to form the word mum!
From an old magazine (I find this paper makes it easier to blend ink over)

 I made a quick flower stencil and using my daubers and pen ink I stencilled a flower....punched some holes to attach the word and voila!!!
I hated it.....
        .......the wire was far too clumpy for the stencilled horrible.
Oh well ....try again.....and running short of time I grabbed some of my trial bits of inky and bleached papers from last week......and yes you have found me out.... I hadn't cleared my desk up!! Generally I just keep working along until I run out of work space ;-)
To alter the wire I tried painting it (paint was also still out)...lovely and white ....well that was until it was dry and it vegan to turn verdigris ...I liked it but it wasn't what I intended so I distressed it with some sand paper and this time attached it with silicon hidden with some buttons. I slipped a little felt leftover heart that I made for a young friend's wedding (we had the best hen party, crafting her wedding, making felt flower bouquets and decorations and eating cake and lots of yummy stuff.... And if you are reading this Stacey ...happy first anniversary).
Ok this one a bit better ....but didn't love it....time for one more try...
As I was beginning to hate the wire as it was.... I decided to disguise wrapping it in twine ....could I choose anything hairier or trickier to work with (yes it was just laying on my messy worktop) ...,.working with the rustic theme I made a quick tissue paper flower with button centre and dry brushed the background with a little green paint. I was worried that the wire could no longer be seen (less is more) so it was back into the shed for some picture hanging wire, but as I couldnt find it, I had to settle for some gardening wire for some extra detail.

Well this one I like better and will certainly try and experiment with the covered wire again. 
 But for now that has to be it.......