Thursday, 3 March 2011

A5 x 2 = SQ

I am still endeavouring to use up scraps of card rather than use new card blanks and I use this style of card quite frequently it's a great way to use up lightweight pieces of card.
For this card I took two A5 pieces of card, the green card had a bad mark on it, so creating the base card this way conceals defects quite effectively.

Simply lay two pieces of card together, slide apart to the length required and attach together with glue. I used photo glue as it allows for a lot of manoeuvrability and any excess can be wiped away. Trim the width to half the length created, score and fold to create a square.

As my sewing machine was out (a rare event) I decided to add a stitched detail on the joints both on the front and on the inside.
For the focal point I wanted to use some old scrabble tiles (bought very cheaply from a charity shop as the set was damaged). That was the easy bit......the bit that I have spent the most time on is .........WHERE TO PLACE THE LETTERS!!!!!!??????

Less is More has a recipe of using 3 squares....which is great, as ultimately I want to recreate this card for a friend (3 letters in her name ....and a scrabble fanatic)

So where oh where looks best

No.1 (pic. at top of post) Sticking my neck out a bit.......but does it look unbalanced? (the card not my neck!!)

No. 2 is my standard format and where I always seem to settle for....bottom right.

N0. 3 Getting brave...very rarely place things formal!

No. 4 I like ...but does it cram all the details together too much??

N0. 5 getting adventurous......

No. 6 Really getting quirky?????

Seriously need some advice.............I am truly rubbish a decision making., BIG thank you if you take the time to leave me a comment on this one
(and thanks for all the really lovely comments last time....I truly appreciate it).

Just realised haven't photographed the inside....just need to charge the camera then I will try and add pic as I love the reverse effect inside this style of card.


Chrissie said...

Brilliant card Diane, I love it!
AS to my favourite layout... well I, like you, love no. 2 I also like no. 4, the ones going at right angles don't really work for me unless there was another word intersecting them.
Whatever, it's fab and we'll look forward to seeing you again next week!
"Less is More"

Jan said...

Fab card xx jan

Suze Bain said...

What a great male card. Numbers 2 and 4 for me (first one looks like it's going to topple over and 5 & 6 are a bit odd!). Love it.

Aileen said...

Great idea using the tiles. I liked No.1 because when I think of scrabble I picture the words going down the way. They all look great though. x

Kathyk said...

I like 2 & 4 but my fave is the one you submitted - great idea to conceal the defective card too btw


TAM said...

What a great take on the three squares format. Think I'd agree that 2 & 4 are favorite also

Sonia said...

Fab cards I like the layout on number 5 best.
What a great idea to use scrabble tiles :)
Hugs Sonia xx

Lynne said...

Super card. I think I prefer number 1 but 2 & 4 are great too.
Lynne xxx

Mandi said...

Hi Diane
What a super collection of variations!
I personally love the first one, think its so smart...well they all are really!

Thanks for joining us, see you again
"Less is More"

JeNjOy said...

Love the idea with the scrabble tiles, no 2 and 4 for me.
Jenjoy x

jackid said...

Diane thanks for comments on my blog about card your is brilliant and a great play with the scrabble blocks
Jacki xx

Jenny said...

Great card, I like the tiles in a row at the bottom of the green cardstock. You've given me a great idea for a birthday card now. Thank you x

Cheryl said...

HI hun,great selection here i too love number,2 and number 3 but then I can never make up my mind,either but the stitching really set it off its really effective,bless you for poping onto my blog hun hugs cheryl xxxx

Shaz said...

Love this idea using tiles. I like them all. x

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. What an idea! Super cute! Like the first one with the tiles coming down but all are nice! Lovely stitching touch! Tks for stopping by and leaving your appreciation! :)

Lizy said...

Brilliant! What a very simple and very clever idea! Love it!
BTW, I prefer the top one! :)

Lizy x

Faith A said...

Brilliant idea

Craftilicious said...

love it! no 3 is my favourite.

Jose said...

Brilliant idea, yes 2 and 4 I prefer, love the stitching, must get my machine out and do some stitching, I keep saying that but dont think about it until I have finished the card.

Jenny said...

I have blogged a card inspired by your scrabble card. Thanks for your help.

Vicky Hayes said...

I love the idea of this! I like the scrabble tiles positioned on the right but perhaps I'd add a stamped sentiment to balance it, so that it would read 'happy birthday' and then 'dad' with the scrabble tiles.

Faith A said...

Absolutely brilliant

Michele Gross said...

What a fun idea for a boy card! Very clever design! I've just been scrolling through your blog and you do wonderful CAS work! I wanted to let you know about a brand new weekly CAS challenge that will be starting soon. Its called CAS-ual Fridays. I hope you'll stop by to check us out and we'd love to have you add yourself to our fun followers :)

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