About Me

Hi I'm Diane Ingram
I have been papercrafting for many years, cardmaking for approx 10 years. I was lucky enough to be chosen as Simply Cards & Papercrafting Card Designer of the Year 2009, but I am continually learning and am in awe of the astounding talent in the cardmaking world. Many people have styles and techniques that I know i would love to aspire too but do feel that although there are many fantastic designers out there each Cardmaker should be comfortable with their own creations, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy what you do. Making a card for another person is very much an individual experience and the most important thing is to share a bit of your time creating something unique for someone else.
With that in mind I have created this blog, I also believe it's possible to make a card or papercraft project without any specific cardmaking products.... just card and of course glue.
I do have a massive amount of cardmaking things which I couldn't be without but I have set this blog as a personal challenge to see what I could produce without utilising these things. occasionally I dip into my stash to show the potential of incorporating shop bought products with the recycle/reuse ethic.

I have been married for 32 years to a wonderful man who is amazingly tolerant of my hobby which occasionally takes over the house.

I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters. Tragically our eldest daughter Gina died in a car accident when she was 17. She was a beautiful person inside and out and we were so proud to have had her in our lives. We are also blessed with another amazing daughter, she was always the most fantastic child but she has grown into a truly incredible woman....we are so proud of her and what she has achieved but more importantly she is a fabulous human being!!

At times life has been tough, losing Gina came after I lost my precious mum to cancer and then my Dad, and it has been with the love and support from friends and family I have been able to carry on, but not only that, the crafting world is also an amazing and supportive community, and like many others I have found papercrafting a great escape from heartache and troubles. I do hope anyone reading this is not suffering personally at the moment but if you are, please know whoever you are you are not alone and I hope your papercrafting gives you some happiness as it has me.