Friday, 3 June 2011

Call Centre Survival Technique

Well life is still rollercoasting along and I have thought long and hard about Less is More's sketch challenge this week, but felt the week slipping away and no crafting time available.....was it going to be possible to join in this week!?!?......unexpectedly some crafting time presented itself last night!!!

Despite my clever tactic of leaving it as late as possible to ring a call centre, I still found myself sitting in a queue...after negotiating half a dozen menus...apparently"my call was very important to them and would be answered as soon as possible", I think that is code for "there are two of you daft enough to ring at this time of night and our single operator has had to pop out to the loo". BUT then the torture began played in a loop....(I'll put the tune at the end...this I am doing to save you! because like me, you will start humming along...then wont be able to get it out of your head!!!). With the music serenading me in the background, I opened a Word Document inserted a two column, two row table, selected Auto fit, then typed each of my letters in each cell. I then spent the next few minutes playing with the font and formatting the borders, I copied and pasted the design and created different versions.

I was quite disappointed when the call was answered....... I wanted to play some more......perhaps with some colours. Still thank you "Nabul" you sorted out my problem very well....despite the occasional language barrier..and thinking my husbands Dive suit looked like a Spiderman costume (ebay item!!...anyone want to buy a Drysuit?).

Call ended....hit print...abandon husband to feed cat, lock up and make a cup of upstairs for quick crafting.
First card was simply a cut out panel mounted on foam pads (was going to stick it straight on but I liked the extra shadow the mounting created.
This gave me the idea for the second card.... as I was working very monochromatic, I wanted to play with the shadow idea some more, so I created the next topper in different depth layers (good job I had printed several matching panels)....then came the call..... "YOUR TEA'S GETTING COLD!!!!"..... so with music still humming in my head...I went to bed....

This morning I decided the topper needed something more...ribbons... gems or..... buttons (did them to death last week) just didn't work, so I drew an additional frame....I love this look but find it so difficult.
But by forming the frame from post it notes, it allowed me to draw the lines quite easily

I used an ordinary gel, rollerball pen and just followed the ridge created by the edge of the notes.
I chopped the word "you" off a previously printed message and stuck it on.

So a quick bit of blogging, then off to work and I feel quite pleased to have made another couple of speedy cards...yes they are very fact I have now decided my cards are not so much CAS but PAS (plain and simple!!!!!).

oh and the music was ......."Eye Level" by the Simon Park know the one..dah dah di dah, dah di dah di dah dah..dah dah di dahh du di dah dah. sorry if you now spend the day humming it.........HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!