Monday, 27 February 2012

My name is Diane…and I….am a hoarder!!


Now that’s out of the way….I’d better go the whole hog and show the extent of my problem…..these are the boxes of scraps I keep on my work surface…



S1052459and this is my corner of upcycled stash (not listing how many boxes and bags there are)!!!

…oh and there is a folder (um couple)  of scrapbooking scraps as well…… oh and file box of scraps ready to make Atc’s……….um ….that’s it!

It’s thanks to Less is More that I have finally let my shameful secret out of the bag, their challenge is “Don’t scrap it”…… to my ears

I thought I would have a break from doodling this week (but if you want to see a brilliant doodled card check out Gina A’s card here…guaranteed to raise a smile).


S1052461I found a lovely little silhouette daisy here. I decided I should be making a couple of Easter cards. After having a route through my scraps for some spring coloured pieces I draft printed my flower, then pieced some scraps over the image before printing the image a second time. Once I trimmed the the image to shape, I recycled some of my left over Christmas cards for the base and stuck the flower image over the Christmas one.

TheS1052464 message tags were created on scraps the same way.

The second card was made by printing directly on a large scrap, placing it under the front flap of the card and cutting directly through both layers, the two panels were held together by another scrap stuck behind(I also repeated the image on the inside holding piece).S1052467



I would also like to join in with Allsorts “Anything goes challenge” this week, I haven’t visited them for ages…..might as well share my shame with the wider world…..and….

Final confession….…sometimes I can be ruthless and throw small scraps away….trouble is next day I normally dig through the rubbish and retrieve them……..tell me I’m not alone.


Chrissie said...

These are great, I love the first one particularly. Great colour combos and that little folded tag is so cute.
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

GinaA said...

You have a brilliant set of cards there, I especially like the 3d effect of the Easter tag. Using the Christmas card blank is a great idea. You must use the 'pea' image again it's so funny.
I am flattered that you have put a link to my 'Bad Hair day' card on your blog. Thank you. xx

Ildiko said...

WOW your scraps are very very organised lol I think there is something I can learn from you lol I do the same, sometimes through tinny scrap away then later I take it out, so you not alone. Love your cards

Jenny said...

I knew this would be YOUR challenge Diane ;0) love the three coloured block to stamp on, super card. Your scraps look so organised despite them being numerous! I've had to have a serious tidy up of the craftroom before taking a camera anywhere near the place....... Remember our little challenge " Where is your craft room floor" * wink* say no more!
Jenny x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

We are all hoarders... But not so organised. Love the cards

Deborah Frings said...

Great work - I love the first card with the different coloured card! Simplicity at it's very best!

Aileen said...

Oh Diane thank you for your post, it's great to know I'm not alone! Love your fresh modern cards and super ideas on both. x

Marrigje said...

Your card is gorgeous!

I am Marrigje and I am a hoarder too.

Suze Bain said...

Great techniques with the cards Diane, love the 'wavy' joints. Alas, I too am a hoarder, some days I just wish it would all magically disappear! xx

Daen'Ys said...

Hi Ding
First thank you for your nice message on my blog, it made me very happy and I visited your blog in my turn and I must say that your creations are beautiful and I love what you do​​. I'll be back!

Sincerely Daen'Ys

Faith A said...

Love this card and the colours, as for the scraps in the bin "you are not alone"

Sally said...

But who doesn't own up to a hoard of snippets! Not me anyway! Lovely cards Ding & nice bright colours.
Sally M x

Mandi said...

These look fantastic Di
You could make a zillion cards with all that scrap..lucky you It's all so tidy too

Thank you very much
"Less is More"

Bea said...

great cards and admire your tidy scrap

Bea said...

hi again would like to award you with the Liebster award - the link is here

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