Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Don’t bug me!! (sorry bad pun)

YEP! can’t believe it…. but I have a bug again….only just got rid of my last bug and now I have another…….how greedy is that???!

….with that in mind I had to make this the focus of my card for Less is More’s challenge of Punches and Die cuts………  and I have to say my heart sank when I read that, apart from a standard hole punch I thought I would not be able to meet this challenge using only the things found at home….but actually when I started to hunt around there were more di-cut things than I expected…..

Of course doilies are di-cut …bit fancy for what I wanted….I have quite a few novelty post-its ….love daft post-it notes  and I save fancy tags and labels which have to qualify as di-cuts……But!!!  the ultimate di-cuts have to be ……………...POGS!!!!

        S1052443   S1052444

REMEMBER THEM??? my daughter Gina had a POG “Milk cap maker” and just after Christmas I had a bit of a clear out in the cupboard under the stairs (was obviously having a funny turn that day) and guess what I found…..a spare pack of blank pogs (didn’t find the pog maker but I think it’s still lurking in there somewhere), the double sided glue had dried up but I knew they would come in handy for something…..


I had to resort to another hand drawn design but I wanted to keep it simple……I did think CAS would be difficult using punches they do tend to lend themselves to layers and more fancy designs….and I didn’t want to get carried away with any extra elements.

         S1052442   S1052452

I stuck a piece of thin card to a pog with wet glue and left that to dry while I drew the flower element and message directly onto the card blank (I lightly traced round a pog to give me a guideline). once the pog was dry I trimmed the excess card from the pog and drew on my little ladybug.  She was coloured with standard waterbased brush markers (felt pens)……ladybirds are all girls…aren’t they ?

As with my bird and cat drawings I know this is not anatomically correct but under the guise of cartoon style….I guess I can get away with it?


mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Clever thinking again!!! Love this card and your Ladybird, of course they're all girls otherwise they'd be called Gentlemenbugs wouldn't they, LOL Gay xxx

Bea said...

cute card - hope you are soon bug free

Jenny said...

I immediately thought of you when this challenge was posted Saturday but I also knew you'd triumph :0)
The name pog rings a bell but can't say I recall them! They're certainly useful in card-making though.
Great drawing, miss ladybird looks fine to me :0)
Jenny x

Chrissie said...

I don't ever recall hearing of pogs, but whatever they are this is a fabulous card!
I love the ladybug!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Aileen said...

I love your play on words. Your ladybug is really cute. x

Chantal said...

A very cute card. I love it!

Linda said...

Love the card, the ladybug is so cute. Hope you feel better soon.

DoodleSuze said...

Love your little ladybird!

Susan said...

You might not have had what you thought was the "right" stuff...but you've created a FAB card with what you have!! ♥ it!

kingstonmama said...

I don't know what a pog is, but I love your card. Your sweet little ladybug is fabulous. :) Ann Y.

brenda said...

Beautifully elegant card.

B x

Faith A said...

Nope me too, never heard of a pg, but it doesn't matter as you have made a fabulous card, love that little lady bug.

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