Thursday, 2 February 2012

Faux Washi Tape

Warning…I have been playing!!!   ….spent ages fiddling and testing as I wanted to see if I could recreate Washi tape without spending anything extra but before I waffle, I will post the end result used on a card.  It was thanks to “Less is More” to give me a nudge to actually use my end products!  This week is a sketch, not normally one of my fave challenges but it instantly inspired me to use the tape and it was a good opportunity to make my hubbies valentine card


S1052406     S1052408

I deliberately avoided the obvious valentine colours and my cards are often more about the words rather than the image. It was an extremely easy and quick card…..apart from the hours testing ways to make tape!!!! Oh and cutting out the lettering printed on the PC to create the message….fiddly!

Well this is how the tape turned out


In the end I was quite pleased, but it is obviously not as instant as the proper washi/tissue/masking/decorative tape on the market as after creating the colour/ design I had to apply an adhesive to attach it, but the effect was very similar and the design can be tailored to the project.

I had to smile yesterday when my copy of Simply Cards and Papercrafts dropped through my door…there was an article on ……. creating WASHI TAPE!! The very talented Jo Kill has also been playing with the idea, she applied paper straight onto double sided tape, which obviously is better as the tape is instantly adhesive, and the effect is wonderful with tissue but other papers need reducing in thickness or it can just look like strips of paper stuck on. It was a fab article and the cards she produced with her tape are ….as always….stunning!

I wanted all my designs to have the same finish whatever their source, so I applied my designs under Scotch invisible sticky tape,  (actually I used a much cheaper brand for a lot of the test pieces), that way the top surface always had the same translucent effect on the top.

Initially I simply chalked (also used eyeshadow…which gave a lovely iridescent look) on the back (sticky side) of the tape, patterns can be created with strips of wax paper (backing off double sided!) or create a stencil or add punched shapes

S1052381         S1052391

I then moved onto transferring paper images, different papers needed different approaches…. some could…..

a) have the tape stuck straight on and cut out – great for tissue paper

b) burnished on and then ripped off (then trim sides)– great for fibrous paper , book pages, newspapers, old wallpaper

c) stick on tape, turn over,  lightly sand the back, brush back with water…..leave for a while….rub off backing paper – great for transfer of laser printed images, magazine images/text (I had generally poor results with the inkjet printed papers I tried)


My next step was attaching the tape,  I was so pleased, I tried wet glues and dry glue (pritt), it didn’t affect any of the surfaces and several days on they haven’t dropped off despite leaving the test pieces on the windowsill. I applied the wet glue as a very thin layer with a glue spreader (an old plastic store card works just as well) and it was a lot quicker and easier than I anticipated.


Still I had to try Jo’s version in comparison, not sure if you can see but there is a subtle difference, and both can be stamped on if required (I used stazon…mine took longer to dry). Cost wise Jo’s is a lot cheaper as I used Poundland double sided tape but based on using actual Scotch brand tape mine works out as    (but there are much cheaper invisible tapes available). My set of washi tape worked out as approx 30p a metre (bought a set of 5 different widths £14.25 + 1.50 p&p)

….and  the inspiration behind my card….. was a piece of tissue in a boot box which has “head over heels” written all over it…..I had to buy the boots….they were reduced from £80 to £6…..they were two sizes to big …...but I really wanted that tissue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ding said...

oops forgot to add mine cost approx 12p a metre ...and if you're wondering why I'm adding a comment rather than edit...every time I edit, it sticks stonking great gaps in the post and it's rather a long post as it is!!!!!!
thanks for popping by x Diane X X

Mandi said...

How inventive Di, and with superb result
Love your card, my kinda thing, totally

Thank you so much
"Less is More"

Suze Bain said...

This technique looks great fun - if a tad fiddly! Thanks for sharing - and the card looks great! xx

Christine B said...

Beautiful card Diane !

Faith A said...

Oh! Diane such a fab card, especially after all that work, testing, etc. Love the colours too.

The story about the tissue is soooooooo funny, just hope you can sell the boots for a profit LOL

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Brilliant idea, love washi tape but yours is just the ticket and a fraction of the cost. I love what you made with it too very classy, I am so very impressed:0) xxx

Chrissie said...

Crikey, it looks like you've been really busy, but what a fabulous result.
This is terrific and the faux washi is fab!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Jenny said...

Making your own washi tape is great... I use tissue paper on doublesided, works a treat doesn't it :0)
This is a brilliant valentines and with so much handmadeness gone into it it means alot more too!
Jenny x

Aileen said...

What a super post and loved reading how you came to your card which is fab by the way. x

Susan said...

I think I have some of that tape...wasn't sure how to use it...thanks for the inspiration!

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