Monday, 1 February 2010

School Days

Another quick card for a challenge. I just discovered the Daring Cardmakers Challenge Blog their theme is School. As I had saved a couple of Cracker Gifts (the protractor, and mini book) I thought they would make ideal embellishments for this challenge. I made the mini pencil from a cut down kebab stick. The pages were actually from an invoice book (I needed narrower lines than ordinary paper). I distressed the graph paper and card with ink do this I pierced a fountain pen wasn't just the paper that was distressed....I ended up wearing quite a bit of it too!!!!!!
My inspiration came from my own school days, I spent a lot of time and ink writing lines and I had a talent for messy school books. I dedicate this card to my friend Tracey (soon be 46 Tracey oops did I let your age slip!!), we have known each other all our lives (that included school days!). Early Happy Birthday Tracey .....don't worry I'll catch you up soon.


SueH said...

Welcome along to the daring Cardmakers Diane, I’m glad you found our dare inspirational.

Love the ink splattered page, it brought memories of my own school books back Lol!

Thanks for joining us this week.

Lythan said...

Oh that is so clever - I love this card! thaks for going back to school with DCM this week:)

Lynda said...

I've always wondered what to do with those cracker gifts lol. I'm so glad you found us and decided to join in with our dare and thanks for sharing your very creative card.

Lynda xxx

Mirjam said...

Your embellishments are very funny =) - what a great idea.

Laura said...

Hi Diane! Great ideas! I love the bold approach you take :)...and yeah, thanks for the comment it means a lot to me :). I was having problems with "nice" linking also... i spent few hours trying to figure it out... but now it's much simpler. And hey if you need any help with "techy" stuff just leave me a comment or e-mail me.. i will discover anything ...

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Michelle Rivera said...

Super great ideas. Love them. Check me out at

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