Sunday, 21 February 2010

Daisy + dishwasher tablet box

I created this card for Clare's weekly challenge, the challenge has a lovely photo of a daisy and ladybird...perfect I thought as I had just salvaged a large daisy from a shopping bag (it had originally belonged to my daughters, I rescued it and kept it for my cleaning stuff and obviously I used it so much.. it split...believe that and you'll believe anything!!).

It was a double layered flower and quite huge so I pulled it apart and used only half of it. It wasn't until last night after I had finished the front that I realised my dishwasher tablet box had a matching daisy on the had to use that as an embellishment inside. Where possible I like to decorate the inside of the card as I think this always finishes the card off... but in this case it was a necessity as again I used a card that was previously used. I turned it inside out and covered the inside damaged flap with paper.

I also wanted to hide the raw edge of the flower with ribbon...I would have preferred a lime green narrow ribbon but the closest one I had was from a Tesco Birthday cake, I loved the spots as I thought they went well with the ladybird but it was too wide. I stuck it along and was going to trim it off but then decided to wrap it round, it's given a lovely bound edge feel to the card so was quite pleased with the effect.

I used makeup to tint the card, this echoed the shaded centre of the daisy and made it stand out on the white. The ladybird body and head was drawn on a scrap of card and cut out, I also cut out a centre for the daisy, these were covered in nail varnish to create a glossy finish but the nail varnish soaked in the yellow card quite a bit and made the card a darker colour than I wanted.
I used the tippex to create an eye for the ladybird and as the grey card core was exposed on the dishwasher daisy, I ran the tippex round the edge to colour it white.
The card was finished with a doodle border and greeting and legs drawn on the ladybirds. last touch was a hand tied button as an accent.


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