Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Packaging Card.

I know this card looks like I am cheating using "proper craft stuff" but the stamp was a free gift on Quick Cards Magazine and you do not need an ink pad as it stamps beautifully using an waterbased black pen (felt-tip).
Just lightly brush the side of the pen over the image till all the raised area is covered, lightly huff the stamp (your breath will remoisten any dried bits) then press onto card. the only trouble with this is you will not be able to use watercolour techniques with the image as the lines will run and blur (forgot this and ended with a very grubby faced little girl with the first one I stamped!!!). Use a permanent dyed based ink pad if you have one if you wish to watercolour. I actually found it looked quite good just coloured with felt-tips, I would normally prefer the shading you achieve with watercolouring but as it is a small image the strong colours created quite and impact.

ANYWAY... I actually wanted to focus on the background as the background of the card is actually the packaging and a good example of being able to disguise any unwanted bits. I cut the top writing completely off and the writing in the bottom right corner is covered by the greeting (cut from an old Christmas card). The white card torn and decoupaged on the image is torn from the back of another an extra highlight I used the correction pen again. The card is finished with a scrap of wool and a piece of the ribbon from last years Christmas cake.


sharon said...

Hello. I've stumbled across youor blog when I was blog hopping! (I might have got here from Joannne's?!) I love this card - I too have that stamp and it's just adorable!

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