Monday, 2 November 2009

First Post - Back to Basics!

Well here goes, my very first post. I am still not exactly sure what I'm doing with this blogging lark. I am quite an Internet dunce so I am stumbling my way through this whole procedure. . .so if I do something wrong I hope you forgive me. I am sitting here with my trusty copy of "Google Blogger for Dummies" and am trying to do things properly.

Grovelling out of the way, let me explain the reason for my blog. As a self-confessed papercraft addict, I know I spend far too much on my hobby, but that has not always been the case, when I think back, I have always made people cards and I only had the things most of us have around the home. Once I discovered all the amazing things that you could purchase my obsession began. As so many people don't experience the world of papercrafting I think there seemed a need to lose the stigma of homemade cards and the possibility of appearing a cheapskate, the emphasis was on making professional handmade cards. But I think the tide has turned and non-crafters truly appreciate the time taken when they received a handmade card, and I know that if I now bought someone a card they would think I couldn't be bothered to make them one! people truly appreciate that personal touch, that can't be bought in a shop. My daughter and her friends have always made each other cards and none of them are traditional card makers, they just love to create individual cards, they follow no rules or conventions. Even my daughter's boyfriend got in on the act for their anniversary this year. He bought himself some card and created a pop-up heart card for her, and as much as she adored all the roses he put everywhere, she was totally overwhelmed by the effort he had made with the card. (bearing in mind he is a complete footie, one of the lads kind of chap, he deserves top marks). SO!!!! with this in mind I want to go back to basics and explore the world of papercrafting without the aid of crafting stash!! and hopefully we can inspire more people to share the pleasure of making and giving cards. It doesn't have to be about buying lots of special products and equipment.

During my regular blog hopping I discovered a new blog called Creative Craft Challenges, I thought this would be a good place to start. For their challenge of a project featuring the "number one" I created my self a journal page, using only paper and pens, I think this will be the focus of the first part of my blog, I am an avid doodler and definitely not an artist, but with a few techniques you can create a card. As this is turning into a mammoth first post I think I will go into more details next time.

Thank you if you got this far...wish me luck, I will now try and add the pictures and links. I do hope you come back! Happy Crafting, Diane.


sandra tomlinson said...

what a lovely journal page, thank you so much for joining in with our very first challenge at creative craft challenges,
im sure you will do just fine with your blogging, it too comes very addictive.
good luck xxx

jillyscreations said...

This is wonderful and so apt that you chose our first challenge for your first post. Thank you for taking part at creative craft challenges

Renata said...

Pozdrawiam z Polski

sandra tomlinson said...

hello diane, i just wanted to let you know you are our very lucky winner of our first challenge and have won a lovely prize, if you pop over to our blog and email us your addy we can post to you asap,
sandra xxx

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