Monday, 2 November 2009

Ok I know this is excessive, two posts in one hit but I failed miserably to add multiple picture to my first (very long) post. So this is an experiment. I hope to add two more pictures. They are both made with just pens... a black permanent market (fibre tipped) and some ordinary "Felt-tips". The "Thank ewe" card is just doodles which I just cut out and layered on to the base card, the other picture shows my journal with some practice pieces for future projects, I love the idea of drawing wavy lines and the filling in with colours and/or words. I actually found the words hard, but I think I was trying to be too neat!! the clumsier you are with lettering the better I think it looks, filling any loops with a touch of colour also looks quite effective. I remember seeing this technique recently on someones blog but cant remember where (it was done much better than mine) so if I can find the blog again I will post the link.

There is a small image on one piece, this is not my drawing...I had cut it from an old birthday card but I don't know who the artist is so I can't give credit...I just hope I'm not breaking any copyright laws..I hope the artist appreciates their work being recycled and not thrown away.

Have a lovely day. Diane


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