Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wobbly bits!!!!

In reality I have plenty of my own wobbly bitsEmbarrassed smile, but I have been planning to create a wobbly card for my God-daughter (great-great niece!!!) who is three this year, but I went right off track and instead of the “Hoppy” birthday card I was planning, I changed it to “Hoppy families” as a little congratulatory note for someone we know who has just announced their pregnancy (wonderful news).

As usual my inspiration came from Less is More who have a “Three greens” challenge but also DYSU who want “Friendly critters”, so it was a case of putting the two together to make my little family.



…and who needs brushes!!!

I have quite a few inherited acrylic paints from my girls, I adapted the green with yellow and blue…….


…..daddy was darkened with the blue…mummy was the green unaltered and junior (who I have christened..Harry “Frogger” ) was lightened with yellow.

The bodies were quickly created with a few finger and thumb prints….after they were dry (note to self…in future wait till they dry ) I added some detail with a permanent marker and some white corrector pen fluid.


Last night I spent ages creating elaborate little springs with wire and twisty ties but they were sadly lacking in the “wobble” factor and the answer was simply little “Z” shapes of acteate (not too thick…the first bit I used was too rigid) and I have to say they all wobble fantastically Winking smile

Now must quickly post this as….um er… should have left for work 5 minutes ago!!!!

Will have to do some blog hopping tonight (wont get home till 8 tho) or tomorrow.


Suze Bain said...

Love it Diane, you're a great doodler! xx

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Brilliant result, love it:0) Congratulations on your showcased card, it was a 'beauty' well done, Gay xxx

Chrissie said...

This is such fun... but how did you manage to add it to the wrong week when the Inlinkz had closed?... you are clever!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Jenny said...

Wobbly bits or not this is just brilliant Diane, love the fingerprint only had to ask, I could have lent you wobbly bits...Lol :0)
Jenny x

Susan said...

You are Brilliant! What a cool card...and the frog family is just adorable!!!

Lyndal said...

Gorgeous card Diane - love it when you can really get your hands dirty!
Many thanks for stopping by my blog too - much appreciated :)

Caroline said...

wow this is amazing I looked to the other cards and projects too and you make very nice things. Will come back again

Faith A said...

I love your little "show how to do it" clips, love the card too.
Just caught up with what I have missed, so much and ALL great ideas and cards.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Nice to meet another crafter who loves frogs! I must say you really get "into" your work and your card is the cutest thing ever! I feel positively lazy now, just stamping and using markers!

kingstonmama said...

I love your fingerprint frogs, Diane. So cute! Your wobbly letters are fantastic, too. :) Ann Y.

Aileen said...

Love your froggy family. Your wobble card looks great. x

Mandi said...

Oh inky fingers, I hate that lol
FAB card
intrigued how you can add to the wrogn week too!

So sorry I'm so late this week
Thank you very much
"Less is More"

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