Thursday, 19 April 2012

Doodle heaven! ? ! ? !

Well Less Is More have excelled themselves this week as this week they have challenged us to doodle.

Now for me, with my “papercrafting on a budget” agenda I am……....                

but I am quite sure some Limettes may be thinking………….

I think it was quite a brave choice as so many of us are not happy putting pen to paper and I am certain I can hear the echoes of my own cry  ….”but I can’t draw!!!” …..I can’t …but I do love to doodle and I think a little hand drawn detail or message adds a great little personal touch. I have had such fun this week visiting some amazing blogs and wow there have been …without fail.. some stunning artwork…., but one of my fave cards is actually Lynne’s card, by adding a little puff off smoke she has completely changed her car from static to in motion…perfect solution to the challenge….. and then there have been some totally hand drawn cards which I couldn’t begin to pick a favourite as they are so superb. I am so impressed and a little daunted but again I have to give myself a little slap and remind myself that its the fun of creating that's important. I deliberately picked Purple Ronnie and Edward Munch artwork as it serves as a good reminder to me that actual realistic drawing often doesn't haven’t anything to do with art, both these pieces of artwork perfectly convey their meaning and I love them both.

……..So I have been scribbling doodling and generally getting inky… all to satisfy an “itch” that has been bothering me….. inspired by some pottery I recently saw where the glaze had settled into debossed details to create the pattern and Emmanuel Guibert’s technique of drawing with water… I have set about seeing if these ideas could be interpreted in papercrafting…or indeed if there is any value in them.

Well these are some of my test piecesS1052583…….

I have been comparing standard drawing using waterbased pens with “dry” doodling (have finally made myself an embossing tool with an old biro), I have experimented with different card (Guiberts technique definitely works best on paper and I really needed proper ink not just the watered down pen ink that I was working with). …and………….drum roll please…..the results…….. were………..…..a bit mediocre Disappointed smile!

The card I liked best was this one…I kept to my “lollipop” flower doodle which is often my default phone doodle.


I did play with a couple of other tester cards……the right one I’m really not keen on…I can live with only having two flowers (generally I keep to the “odd number” rule) but they are far too large and clumpy.

The panel card was fun to create but it will most probably end up S1052582in recycling heaven.  I combined dry doodling with Guibert’s technique as I flooded the debossed doodle with water then wiped watered down pen ink over with a  pieces of sponge.  At first it didn't seem to have any effect but as it dried more of the pink ink was drawn  round the detail!

…. not exactly my finest hour….um hours. … Sorry its a long post…I could bore you more as I am a bit zealous about giving your own artwork a go but I wont run on anymore…but I will leave you with the  “notes” I made last week on a training course…


……..well…. the information was all on printed handouts….but it was jolly nice of them to give me a paper and pen to play with!!!!!!!!!


Chrissie said...

One cannot fail to be impressed by your sheer diligence Diane! The card you picked to thumbnail, is fab the others are pretty darn good too! It's always good to try new techniques in the process too.
I'm also impressed by your real 'meeting doodles'!
Quite a post!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

ribenaruby said...

Hi Diane, many thanks for coming over and leaving such a nice comment, much appreciated. Your ideas are just fab, had a look at your other posts and much admire the simplistic ways to cardmaking! Oh yes the Robin family pics will come soon, thanks for the interest, I thought I was the only one running round and round so excited. Ruby x

Lynne said...

Hi Diane, I am chuffed to bits to get a mention on your blog and such a lovely mention too. Thank you so much.
Your doodles are really pretty, love the pinks and green together, my fave colour combo. I am very impressed with your `meeting` doodles too. I thought you said you couldn`t draw, they look pretty good to me.
Lynne xxx

Jenny said...

I thought of you straight away when I saw this weeks challenge Diane...knew you'd be doing a happy dance :0)
Your lollipop flowers are a triumph, the soft edges are so pretty and what a great link to you tube as well, I was transfixed at the artwork!
Jenny x

P.S had a chuckle at you trying to shave your cat...impossible I'd say :0)

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Diane, You've used a wonderful technique and really yummy colours, the pretty card fits the bill perfectly:0) I wouldn't file the rejects in the bin, cut them up and use as toppers! Amazing how a small rectangle or a couple or three squares of colour can transform a card LOL What am I thinking? You don't need any advice on recycling you are the queen LOL Thank you for your lovely comments, you may visit anytime LOL xx

Faith A said...

Oh! Diane a girl after me own heart LOL, I LOVE your doodling, amazing in fact, perhaps you ought to cut them out and place them on cards? or scan them for digi stamps? (the ones on the paper I'm talking about!)

Vicky Hayes said...

You've had a lovely play Diane and produced some great results! I love the 'lollipop flower on a hill' card and I really like the doodling on the work pad too! Vicky x

Scrapmate said...

Wonderful doodles and I love the colours you've used. Your meeting doodles are awesome too!

Aileen said...

Enjoyed reading your post and seeing your doodles. x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

They look like my notes... My handouts always covered in doodles. Like the lollipop flowers

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