Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bling went bleuggh!…and “Just Because”

I’m not great at “blinging” my cards and it’s doubly difficult for my blog as I cant use any of my commercially produced cardmaking stuff…what I do have is some old iron on stones and some “Belly button” jewellery (very sparkly actually) that belonged to my girls.  I needed these for this weeks Less is Mores challenge. This week they have challenged us to combine three of the previous challenges, fab for me as this has given me chance to catch up on some challenges I missed when I fell into my blog hole last year.

I went back to Week 18 [Jun 4th]  Monochrome, Week 19 [Jun 11th]  In the Frame, Week 20 [Jun18th]  Monogram…..the only trouble is I had to abandon Monochrome as I needed to add a “touch of red” (Week 9) as the card began to look very Weddingy! (not a proper word), I bit the bullet and went for ……Week 43 [Nov 26th]  Bit of Bling.


I found a fab frame here and used “RAGE” font inside a text box, to create a Monogram. I printed the design on my basecard and on a scrap of card, so that I could cut out the letter….I hate cutting out especially circles, generally I neaten cut edges by filing them,  this time I filed it from back to front to create a little gutter/ridge so that I could faux enamel the panel, it took two coats of nail polish to create a shiny finish and I found it easier to just tip it on….sadly this is where it went a bit bleauggh I had already stuck the diamantes into the first layer of nail varnish….the second layer went over them and just made them look like little clear dollops!!!!!!!!!

S1052522 S1052537

As this is a hand delivered card I went to town with the dimension and mounted the panel on corrugated card, this was covered with a scrap of ribbon tied round and finished with a bow. I loved the frame so much I decided to use it again and repeat the design on an insert but this time with the greeting inside.


As I have sooooooo many weeks to catch up with I decided I had time to make a quick “Just because” card. These are some of my favourite cards to make….generally quite daft and for no real occasion….just because!!! I love leaving silly notes and cards for my family particularly if I think they could do with some encouragement or cheering up. I always left little hidden cards in my daughters school bags or lunch boxes….I have even hidden them in sandwiches!!!!

This little stone has been sitting on my desk since our last holiday and I thought he would make a cute mouse.


Recipe for this one …..Week 18 [Jun 4th]  Monochrome (thought I better have another go)….Week 23 [July 9th] Something with Legs (if he was real…he would have legs!!!)……Week 28 [Aug 13th] Use Ink (*hang head sheepishly*…my pen had ink in it …does that count?)

Well the card was extremely quick to make…but rubbish to photograph….I know…I will photograph it out in the sunshine…..bad idea….my very needy cat thought I had come to lay in the grass with her and of course she had to get right under my noseS1052538 so I moved it…S1052541

S1052544moved it again..S1052546

and again ……and again….        S1052547       

ok I give up…

I will take your picture then!!!!!!!!!



She’s not bad for an old girl (17!) and no she isn’t winking she only has one eye!!!

………P. S. Steve….. the grass needs cutting


Aileen said...

Despite your bleuggh, this looks great. I love the way the ribbon is tied around the monogram. Hee Hee had a giggle at your mouse card. x

Suze Bain said...

Love the monogram card, it's so classy and your 'old girl' is gorgeous. xx

Jenny said...

These are brilliant Diane, you always pull it out of the 'crafting' bag with your self imposed stash restrictions and all :0)
The mouse card is my favourite (as you probably guessed!) Love the CAS design!
Even with one eye, your old lady soon spotted the mouse then :0)
Jenny x

Kathleen said...

Fabulous cards and some very different applications, the monogramme card is superb and the mouse one so fun and cute.

Kath x

Wishcraft said...

They're both fab cards, but I SO love the mouse one - made me smile :o) Great pics of your lovely cat too! Lisa x

snehal watwe welde said...

I love your cards and your BIG GIRL is really cute.

Lucille K said...

Such a pretty card and your cat is adorable. They just love the supervise us when we're making cards don't they :)

Kathyk said...

I'll send my Steve round to cut the grass then, shall I?

A couple of smashing cards there ..... my projects often start as one thing and end up as something quite different too.

Love your cat's curiousity too


Vee Ramsden said...

Love your cards, I like the idea of tying the ribbon around the corrugated card, looks very effective ........ can I have your pussy cat please, she made me smile... lol, I bet she is wondering why the mouse doesn't run away

Vicky Hayes said...

I love both of these Diane but especially the 'have a mice day' one - so clean and graphic. Had to smile at your cute cat - she was just doing what cats are supposed to do: catch mice! Vicky x

Linda said...

Love the cards, the mouse one made me smile. Great job! xx

Chrissie said...

Super post Diane, I really enjoyed reading it and your work is fab, you obviously have your cat's approval too!
You chose a not too popular challenge to include too... Monograms got people doing a lot of head scratching!
Great projects
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Lovely post Diane, you amaze me with your creativity and inventiveness, fabulous cards, love both! Great cat!! Gay xxx

Bonnie said...

I love the adorable mouse with the l o n g tail! I think your kitty likes him too. The monogram card is amazing. I love the frame and the monogram with the red ribbon wrapped around and tied.


Such great inventiveness Diane - love the elegant monogram card. Your cat obviously loves chasing mice - what fab pictures!!
Sylvia x

Daen'Ys said...

I really like this idea with the ribbon!
A very elegant card.
And the one with the mouse is terribly cute.

I was very happy for your visit on my blog, and I thank you sincerely for your kind words.


Anne said...

Love the mouse stone, what a cute card and yes, my dogs often try to get in on the photo action too!

kingstonmama said...

Fabulous cards, Diane, and I love your photos. :) My old cat is 17, too! Ann Y.

Bea said...

fab cards - love the cat too

Lynn said...

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. I jumped onto your home page, and it was compulsive reading! Such effort and dedication to crafting, lol. The flower and monogram
cards turned out fab in the end - and your cat is very photogenic! :-) Have a lovely Easter weekend. Lynn x

GinaA said...

Didn't catch this post first time around but saw the showcase entry on LIM, such a stunning card that touch of red on the front is fab. Lots of work but well worth it.

Jenni's Jems said...

Wow this is a stunning card and loved reading your blog and the cat pic's made me smile! x

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