Thursday, 6 January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR....I'm back

Wow was it really 6 months since I've blogged, I am a let down to the female race, I'm not great at multi tasking!!! I have been quite busy and several things have been happening so I'm afraid blogging took a back seat, but the nice thing is Laura from Creation Fairies has given my blog a lovely new look...BIG THANK YOU LAURA!!! I do actually love it!! and thank you for being patient with me installing it!! especially as you now have your very exciting new challenge to deal with (Laura is expecting her first child!!).

Well I have been busy crafting....of course!! It truly is my escapism but I have also completed a couple of articles for Simply Cards and Papercrafting mag, which I enjoyed but I found quite challenging...mainly because I am quite critical of my own work, I love making but putting it on show is another thing and I constantly look at other blogs and see other cards and projects that are way beyond me. I have to constantly remind myself of my own advice .... card making isn't about who's best it's about the enjoyment and the personal fulfilment., and if I am honest with myself, I love to create clean and simple cards but unfortunately these don't make for really great show pieces....oh well I will continue to explore different things here on my blog.....still with the emphasis on budget creating!!

I have still been true to my blog policy and created a couple of cards without cardmaking things.
I need a quick card for my brother-in-law who was having an operation to help sort his legs out, as i had nothing suitable in my stash I went back to my origins of doodling and drawing has to be the greatest joke of all as I can't draw for toffee, I have no art training or art background but I found like most people I can doodle and the more careless and less authentic I tried to make it.... the better it looks.

I added some doodled stitched details on the panels after I had taken the photo as I thought it was not quite right and it's surprising how it "anchored" the panels and made them look more incorporated into the card.

This card I made for my "Honoury Aunt", the flower actually came from a table decoration. I pulled the flower apart, trimmed off the plastic stem holding it together, then reassembled it with a glue gun. The label was actually an old Christmas card which I trimmed off, then shaped the top corners to form a tag, The card was also a damaged card blank. I trimmed off the damaged side and added a co-ordinating insert. Again after the picture was taken I was a bit dissatisfied, so I doodled the visible part of the insert with a glue pen and sprinkled it with glitter, this time I just echoed the scroll and holly on the tag.

Well I've done it again...rambled on too much!!! some things never change.

Now just want to wish you all the best for the New Year and most of all... wish you health and happiness in the year to come.

Happy Crafting x


Laura said...

Welcome back, Diane!

I am happy to see you're "with us" again. Your cards look amazing! You always manage to inspire me.
It's been a pleasure helping you with your blog and I wish you all the best in this New Year!

I hardly wait to see more of your tutorials :)


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