Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I have made this card for a challenge at CRAFT CREATIONS
I also used a free digi image that can be found on their blog. It was perfect for an idea I wanted to try. There are now so many great digi images, many of them free which I do think is amazingly generous of artists to share their work and I think it only right to acknowledge their work and make sure you do not break any terms and conditions they stipulate.

Sometimes I have only wanted to use part of an image or not wanted a black outline or in this case, I wanted to do a watercolour techniques and as my printer is inkjet I sometimes find the outline can bleed into the colour.

So I decided to convert the image into a sketch.......

1.First import the image into "Word" to be resized.
Then draft print the image and roughly cut out the piece wanted.
Turn the image over and scribble over the back with a soft pencil.

2.Attach the image onto card (I used a scrap of Bockingford watercolour paper) with low tack masking tape (I used some cheap insulation tape my husband didn't want as it didn't stick properly...perfect!!)
Trace over the image with a ballpoint pen (it helps to use a different colour so it's easier to see where you have traced)

3.Remove the top image and using a pencil (HB or hard is best) sketch over the traced lines.

4.To colour the image I used ordinary waterbased felt pens. Scribble these onto a plastic sheet and then using a wet paint brush apply.

5.The green was very vibrant so I mixed in a bit of dark blue to darken the shade.

I trimmed the image down and tore the bottom edge and tinted with some more of the pen ink...I really like this effect ...especially as it disguised the dirty finger print I managed to put on the bottom!!

I finished the card by mounting it onto a bit of sandstone coloured card, tied some embroidery thread round and added a message printed on the PC.

I am also hoping to enter this in to CHALLENGE UP YOUR LIFE blog's "clean and simple" challenge....still trying to keep to this style this year!!!


Zuzana Obert said...

Wow, what an elegant card! I love the effect how you tore the buttom edge of the image and the string is just perfect.
Zuzana x x

Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Great technique.
If you have a Lidl near you look out for their set of 5 acrylic pearl paints, very cheap and work like the posher LP versions.

Manuela said...

Wow, such a wonderful card! Thanks for joining us at Challenge up your life!

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Another stunning card. Have just discovered your blog and boy, do you have some great ideas.
Love Sheila (Cyprus)

Sheila in Cyprus said...

Have just discovered your blog, and boy, do you have some fab ideas.
This card is beautiful, I love the torn bottom with a hint of colour. Love Sheila (Cyprus)

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