Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two for……Phoebe!

This week I have had a couple of projects to get done.  Katie’s friend Phoebe is moving into a new house this week. (plus Happy Birthday Phoebe)
Less is More has a paper piecing challenge….fab ….despite not being a fan of cutting out (very “scissorly” challenged) I actually love the look of paper pieced images and its a perfect technique for cardmaking, without proper cardmaking equipment…just  scissors, scraps of paper, printer and of course trusty glue stick.
The brilliant image was free from The Graphic fairy. I love retro images like this and they lend themselves to quirky quotes…..this was perfect to make a quote for Phoebe who …..a) is a bit of a domestic goddess and b) likes a cocktail ….or two…...or ????
Originally I was going to piece more of the elements but these images always look great in their original black and white form so I just highlighted a couple of elements, which I think stand out better than with lots of other detail……oh and dont look to closely at her sleeve under the book….the original piece went missing, I suspect its in the bin, I had to improvise with another scrap but the pattern isn't quite right!?!  …….. (note to self….DONT TIDY MID PROJECT!!!….goodness knows why I decided to tidy as I went along….I normally always work in total chaos).
The second project was a bit of a warm up and trial piece. Katie and I worked on this together and I kindly let her do all the donkey work as the old wooden picture/tray I found in the charity shop (£3.50) had been decoupaged then varnished….and OH BOY! had it been varnished…. so it needed a lot of stripping and sanding.
Sadly we didn't think to photograph it first but this is Kate mid project….DSC_0081
We were using the image transfer technique I have been playing with lately. The text was complimented with another great image from The Graphic Fairy and its not only thanks to The Graphic Fairy for the image but also all the great inspiration I have found from people who contribute to the site, particularly the link party on Mondays.
It was  a great learning curve……the image needs more burnishing when applying on wood (back of a spoon works fine) and the tricky part was sealing the ink (inkjet printed image), Although we didn't do it on the tray, I have found that heat sealing it (iron over with a protective layer of kitchen roll) helps set the ink. We found spray varnishes work best but acrylic varnish worked well too
 ….if anyone has any other suggestions I would love to know.
We finished the back with a “pseudo” makers label” with a personal message .DSC_0095DSC_0094
Now onwards and upwards with some much bigger projects for Katie & James’ Cottage…… it will soon be ready to move in!!!


Suze Bain said...

You've truly gone vintage this week Diane and they're both fab. Great paper piecing and the personalised tray is a lovely gift. xx

cathi139 said...

your card is absolutely stunning, it makes me smile, well done - and the vintage tray is fantastic too
Cathi from Germany

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Diane, I too am a fan of these retro images, your card is brilliant, funny and brilliant! I wouldn't worry about the accuracy it's funny enough to cover any mistaken throwouts LOL Well done on your picture/tray makeover, love your recycling projects! Gay xxx

Shirley said...

Your paper piecing card is great and the image and sentiment brilliant. Your tray looks fantastic - I wouldn't know where to start on a project like this !!


Aileen said...

Love your retro card and personalised sentiment. Your paper piecing looks great just picking up a few elements. Love the tray too. x

Kathyk said...

Love the retro image and humour of this fab card


Violets Corner said...

Stunning card and fab paper piecing, love it. The tray looks fantastic!

Warm hugs

Vicky Hayes said...

The recipient will be too busy chortling to get the magnifying glass out to check the pattern matches Diane! What a lovely card. And the tray is lovely too - you have lots of patience! Vicky x

Scrappy Sugar Girl said...

Diane, Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment on my Father's Day card. I checked out both your blogs and you are very talented. I would hardly call you ordinary; try "extraordinary" to describe yourself.
I am following you because I like your style. I hope you would follow me back.

Jenny said...

Your card gives those humerous black and white photo cards a run for there money!! this is brilliant and looks just perfect with a touch of colour :0)
I'm loving the tray.... a great piece of recycling and I love the faded vintage look actually :0)
Jenny x

kingstonmama said...

I love your card, Diane. The little bit of added color from the paper piecing is fabulous. I love the image and sentiment, too. I was sad to miss this challenge. I love paper piecing! Ann

Linda said...

Hi Diane,
Love the card, great image and the perfect saying to go with it.
Great job on the tray too. I love the finished look, very shabby chic! xx

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