Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nappy crafting definitely not happy crafting….

Should have called this post “warts and all” as this week my idea didn’t quite work but if I’m honest it was more the execution of the projects that failed…..

A couple of weeks ago Katie and I made her friend a Nappy bouquet (congrats on the safe arrival of beautiful Betty Rose!!)…


….and much to Katie’s frustration she caught me “salvaging” the one nappy that got trashed in the making “Honestly mum…cant you throw anything away!!!!!”

“er ……! and boy I’m glad I didn’t as Less is More really made my brain hurt with their one layer challenge of three stamps….its bad enough not using bought cardmaking things but to come up with three stamps that was going to be a challenge… so this week I had to do a bit of a cheat….I used some free stamps from Quick Cards Magazine.  I could have stamped with some household things in fact my third stamp was actually a bit of card but I really  wanted to have a go at making my own ink pads to use with stamps….HENCE THE NAPPY….see Katie told you I would use it!!!.DSC_0045

I have made impro ink pads before but finding a medium to successfully contain the ink (food colouring in this case) without clogging or oversaturating is not easy…..and actually its a big thumbs up for disposable nappies as they retain plenty of moisture but still allow some through when pressed…pity my stamping skills didn’t live up to expectation DSC_0056

First attempt …….started reasonably well, thought I would use the back of the stamp to create a shadow (used some double sided tape to attach the stamp onto the base of a flat bottomed glass)…but the colours were disappointing particularly the purple I mixed…dull…dull… dull ….and to top it all I mis-stamped one of the jars…all in all …insipid!




Second attempt…….

DSC_0039decided to customise the pads with different colours, again shadow stamped but this time used some black ink for the outline…  DSC_0072

didn’t think this one through and ended up with a silly gap at the end, so doodled a lollypop at the end to compensate…but as I dislike the the dark colour scheme for the theme…its more bin fodder…..

one  final attempt…added a little pen ink to the pads and a really quick design just to test the pads and…..


really…really… earth shatteringly….poor layout but the colours were improved…oh well back to the drawing board… Confused smile


Chrissie said...

It looks like you had lots of fun with this one Diane... and how inventive!
Thanks so much
"Less is More"

Suze Bain said...

Your finished card is fab Diane and I can't believe you got there using a napoy and food colouring! Beautiful bouquet too! xx

Aileen said...

Loads of creativity and ingenuity going on here! The colours on your finished card are lovely. Quite clever the sweet theme and food colouring! love your nappy bouquet too. x

Scrapmate said...

Wow food colouring, if you'd stamped it on rice paper it would have been totally edible! Love the ingenuity of this you reall thought outside the box.

Mandi said...

Brilliant creativity as always Diane
Super card
Than you very much
"LEss is More"

Barb King said...

Sounds like you did lots of experimenting, and came out with a cute card! Barb

ScrappyDoo said...

I really like the last attempt. It's a great card! Love the colors. And that nappy bouqet, o that is awesome. Thanx for stopping by!

Jenny said...

First of all I've never see a nappy bouquet, what a brilliant idea !
I was interested to see how you made your own inkpads, I so admire your resourcefulness :0)
The final card turned out great and I love the merging colours on the jars.
Jenny x

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