Saturday, 31 December 2011

Still playing….and just waffling!

Just trying to get my head round live writer ….what can it do

…. it’s time to start pressing buttons and having a play

what about adding pictures…

well that seemed simple…by the way, this is Sharon and Steve, James’ parents,(James is Katie’s fiancée…yes they got engaged …Open-mouthed smile yay!!……but sadly cant afford to get married now they are renovating the cottage) creating some much needed parking outside the cottage. ooooh you can add faces…good fun.


how about adding pictures retrospectively (oops needed to find spell checker for that one!!)

….that it so much better than blogger and this is Katie and Steve viewing the cottage nearly a year ago….Steve had just noticed the interesting way of holding roofing felt on the porch…..


they’re clothes pegs?????…dont think they will catch on in the building trade!

Wow this is easy and so much quicker than blogger!! also been playing with layout…can you tell?

what next ….. change the colour of text…… simple……. font…. simple….

and just for the fun of it here are some pics of the cottage (just want to see if I overload it with pics… will it have a meltdown?????)

IMAG0012the cottage lounge - then….


lounge - taking shape (just discovered the inglenook and the bread ovens beside it!!)

S1052234fireplace finally exposed… and ceremonial fire lit!! stand back ..the heat is intense?!

not sure how this will all publish … playing with formatting and great you can even cut and paste…..definitely think blogging is going to be a happier thing!!

well… soon time to flex my C.A.S…. economical crafting…. brain cells….

Cardmaking here I come!!!!!!


ding said...

mmmmmmmmm just viewing my own post...created it with live writer and it has still placed whopping great gaps and definitely not how I formatted it....obviously I need more I definitely prefer making cards to blogging...but then again I love seeing other peoples work and am grateful when people pop by and leave thank you!! for visiting me.
Diane (the hopeless blogger!!!)

Suze Bain said...

Lol, I haven't even heard of live writer, so you're one up on me there! Great fireplace! xx

Jenny said...

Looks like quite a project Diane! (the cottage not the blog!!)
We switched to the new blogger interface and Google chrome which has made writing posts a bit easier :)
Love the clothes pegs too....Lol
Jenny x

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