Thursday, 14 April 2011

The List

This has to be a quick post as it is not on my "to do list".....

I have a few days off work and I am the world's most disorganised, organised I made myself a list...and I was going to stick to it!!! The craft room called to me several times, I stuck my fingers in my ears and ploughed on regardless, but this one little card mainly created on the PC was the one exception but replying to an invitation was on the top of the list.

As an experiment I printed the wording in grey and I used a floral dingbat font for the decorative elements. I have been having a sneaky peek at the goings on at LIM Towers to see what everyone has been up to (naturally I have only done this whilst having my lunch....oh and breakfast ....oh and coffee breaks!) and inspired by Mandi I decided to bling my wording, but decided to try using a cocktail stick and pva instead of a glue was tedious...... but worked.

I ploughed on.....the biggest job of them all was to - sort - reorganise & deep clean our bedroom! Several sacks and two days later I am finished, I was feeling quite smug and dare I say it sanctimonious, inspired, I merrily hoovered the landing and horror of horrors, I decided to hoover my craft room. Now as Jenny at "crafting in the country" has agreed it is not a very wise thing to do...mainly as who know what treasures are lurking down there (and yes Jenny this week I am going for gold with "WOYCRF" what's on your craftroom floor),....... but in I bulldozed ..... time was ticking away and I got a little bit more frantic.... something precious rattled up the horror I snatched the tube up AND........ promptly took out the entire contents of the shelves behind me.......I have shut the door on it...the floor is clean but unfortunately you cant see it, it's covered in peel-offs, stamped images di-cuts, stickers, rub-ons, paper, boxes, you name it, it's there!

This all gave more added poignancy to the little card I had started at the beginning of the week.

Another job on the list was to replace my printer ink cartridges, in the interest of economy I decided to use a refill went marvelously didn't even get any on my hands (miracle)....that was until I decided to use the little bit left in the refill tanks....I tapped it out, watered it and tinted a sheet of card... great I thought after I had to iron it (ironing was also on list!) I will make a note card. Found this quote a Gingers House loved it and decided to print it on my customised stock

Guess who forgot to replace the black ink .....DOH!


ding said...

Mass of Hair if you read this.. Windows Live writer is on "The List" but as I am sure you can see....I haven't got that far!!!!

Sue said...

Hi Diane, Your card looks very professional - I love the glitter lettering! I use a tack pin and pva glue for small detail! it is time consuming but looks good!

If you pop over to my blog, I have nominated you for an award, hope you don't mind.

Sue xx

Babs said...

Very pretty and elegant love the glitter...

Babs x

Chrissie said...

This is great Diane... Mandi will love that glitter... I love it too, it's a great card!
Sounds like you've been having fun this week!
See you soon
"Less is More"

Jenny said...

Great post Diane, moral to the story...."you are not mean't to see your craftroom floor" or could it be "don't be over energetic with the hoovering"!!!
Lovely card, you're computer skills are fab. Love the second card too, lovely sentiment to put in your craftroom so you don't hoover in there again!!
Jenny x

Aileen said...

Both are super cards. Loved your post. x

Katalytic said...

The touch of glitter is a lovely finish

JeNjOy said...

Lovely cards, your post made me laugh.
jenjoy x

Jan said...

JFab card, love the sentiment xx Jan

Mandi said...

Beautiful card Diane
Glad I inspired you to get the glitter out. Fair play to you for doing it with a cocktail stick...very patient!
Those flourishes look FAB, they would also look nice one up one way and one the other, how versatile
Thank you as always
Less is More

Rachelxx said...

Beautiful CAS cards :-)

TAM said...

Stunning cards
If you've got the bug for spring cleaning you're welcome at mine

Ginger said...

OH NO! I think I would have walked out and closed the door too!

Your cards are awesome!

massofhair said...

Hi Diane

Glad to see you have it on your'to do'list lol:-)

StUnNiNg card as usual and it was worth the hard word to add that touch of bling. One of my favourites from this weeks entries :-)

Pauline said...

Beautiful card.

Sue said...

Just perfect Luv Sue x

Kathyk said...

My word - you HAVE been busy, well done on your sort out and I'm sorry to hear you vacummed up something precious.. Fab card though


Sarah said...

I can't believe you had the patience to use a cocktail stick to add glue and glitter to your card! I would've lasted about 5 seconds - well done you. Lovely card, very elegant. Sarah

Kaz said...

Simply stunning! Love the sparkle, well worth the effort.
Kaz xx

Jenny said...

Hi Diane, missed you last week over at LIM. I've left an award for you on my blog, hope you like it...I wont be offended if you don't want to pass it on. Hope all's well:)
Jenny x

Laura said...

Hahaha...I can't believe yopu have so much patience! A cocktail stick!??? Anyway...I'm glad I made some time to come visit your blog... I love your projects and your ideas!

All the best!

uhooi said...

Cards are nice and creative,,

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