Monday, 7 June 2010

Pocket Tag Card

Well I am on a roll, thought I would sort out details for the Pocket Tag card from the previous post. (but spot the deliberate mistake....Forgot to rotate the picture of the completed card, not sure how to remove it either!!). I have included a jpeg of the template which I hope can be copied if necessary.

It really is a simple wallet shape designed to fit in a standard C6 envelope.You will need an A4 piece of card for the main pocket and an A6 piece of card for the tag. But as with all design this can be changed. the front flap could be shortened considerably, the tag size and design can be changed, even a doubled (folded) tag/card could be used inside.

Cut the pocket out (thin card or stiff paper works well)

The side flaps can be glued and fastened at the back....

OR.... put the adhesive on the back of the flaps and hide the flaps inside the pocket

OR...if you want to insert a wider card or larger embellishments, fold the sides flaps to create a "w", which will create a expandable gusset.

The little stand is attached at the back and will fold flat, the bottom of the stand is designed at a slight angle, this again can be adjusted.

I did find it best to copy the template and paste it in "Word" I reduced the margins to 1mm and expanded the picture to fit the A4...maybe there is a better way..will have to put my head round the best way to share this sort of thing....I am so not techie...can you tell!!!!


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