Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hybrid Card - Denim delight!!

This card was created from one of the kraft style card blanks left over from the card workshop I had last week, it's not completely recycled as I used a stamp, promarkers and nestabilites. But the other mounts were created from a scrap of decorative paper and denim fabric. The flower embellishment was made from tearing scraps and cutting small circles.
To create outer flower cut a circle, fold into quarters, then tear a shallow "m" shape across the top. open out and ink the edges.

TIP: to cut small circles I attach a coin (with tiny piece of blue-tak) to my scrap of card, then cut round, allowing the blade to be guided by the edge of the coin (try and keep blades upright, not angled under). Lightly sand (emery board) any jagged bits to create a smooth round edge.
Then remove coin .
(I keep a bag of old U.K. and foreign coins for this technique as they give a wide selection of sizes)

I used this technique to create the faux button inside and to round the corners of the insert.
This technique gets easier and better results with practice but inking the edges also covers a multitude of sins!!
This card is for my friend Tracey, I liked the irony of giving back the card she had previously given me (it's the card I used in the photo tutorial in the last post!!).


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